What to Wear and Give for the Holidays 2017

Whether you are thinking about gifts for friends and family, or what to wear to your holiday parties, shopping vintage will ensure your holiday is festive and unique. Here are our top 5 gift ideas for 2017.

#1: Norwegian Christmas Sweaters

Norwegian Sweater Blue and White

We love these hand knit wool sweaters with reindeer motifs.  Rather than the typical oversized Christmas sweater, we like to find these vintage beauties in youth sizes so for a more cropped and fitted look. But you can also find these sweaters in larger sizes for men. Buy one for the whole family for a great Christmas photo this year!

#2: Vintage Tarot Cards

For that mystically inclined friend, a vintage tarot deck is a great gift. There are so many interesting and unique decks from the 70’s and 80’s.  Some of our picks include the James Bond Tarot for Witches from 1973. Or, the Voyager tarot deck from 1984 with trippy collage style images.  The Simplified Tarot from the early 90's has great black and white art.

#3: Lurex for all the sparkle

Look to the 60’s and 70’s for sparkly lurex sweaters, skirts and dresses that are perfect for a holiday party and can be worked into your wardrobe as separates on into the next year. You can find great knit sweaters and maxi skirts in silver, gold or copper or more colorful versions in green and rainbow hues. Or, look for lightweight gauzy shirts and dresses with gold and silver threads running through them.

#4: 80's Outerwear

Ski jackets and puffy vests from the 80’s are so in right now and they make a great gift for yourself or someone else. They are also an item that works equally well for men and women. Rainbow stripes or earth tones are a great pick. 

#5: Vintage Airline Bags

The perfect gift for the world traveler, vintage airline bags make great everyday handbags, schools bags or gym bags.


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