Where to Shop in Morocco

We are just back from 2 amazing weeks in Morocco sightseeing and shopping for unique treasures.  We covered a lot of ground during this trip: Tangier, Casablanca, Meknes, Fes, Chefchouen, Merzouga, Marrakech, Essouira and lots of little towns in between.  Along the way we scoured all of the usual tourist markets and souks, but also searched out local Moroccan designers, as well as vintage pieces.  Here are some of the highlights and more out-of-the ordinary finds.


Marrakech was definitely a the heart-center of high-fashion with many local Moroccan designers and high-end fashion stores to choose from.  We found that best high-fashion shopping was outside the medina in Gueliz and Majorelle.

Max & Jan

Max & Jan Boutique

Located in the medina this store features young moroccan fashion designers and clothing and accessories for men and women.


Lalla carries unique bags and accessories made in Morocco. There are brightly colored carpet bags and clutches as well as leather bags in fun colors as well as t-shirts, scarves, jewelry and more. We scored an amazing army green goat hair bag that is both bohemian and modern at the same time.

33 Rue Majorelle

If you want to see a huge collection of high-end Moroccan designers all in one place this is the place to go.  Right across from the YSL Museum and the Jardin Majorelle, this amazing boutique offers two floors of clothing, accessories, jewelry and gift items.  

Maison Art-C

Maison  Art-C

Artist and fashion designer Artsi Ifrach create wearable art and one-of-kind avant-garde pieces.  Using vintage pieces and fabrics, but adding embroidery and embellishments, he reworks these pieces into something truly unique and extraordinary.   

Norya Ayron

Le Jardin Marrakech

Tucked away in a corner of the courtyard of the hip restaurant Le Jardin, is this tiny shop selling beautiful modern caftans.

Marrakshi Life

Marrakeshi Life

Located outside the city center in the industrial area, Marrakshi Life uses hand-woven fabrics to create modern unisex clothing.  You can see the designs being made as well as shop this factory store.  Long duster coats, jumpsuits, tunics and pants all in amazing textiles and fabrics.



Three and half hours outside Marrakech is the beautiful coastal town of Essouira.  Vintage seemed to abound in this city.  Many of the restaurants were decorated with vintage pieces from the 60's.  Perhaps it was the alleged connection to Jimi Hendrix?  In Essouira you could find vintage/used caftans hanging outside stalls in the medina selling more standard tourist fare.

Elizir Gallery

By far my favorite antique store during the trip was in Essouira. Elizir Gallery is a must-see shop squeezed in between stores hawking electronics and cheap clothing on one of the main avenues off the median.  Downstairs an old turntable plays a record atop a 60’s console with rooms piled high with furniture, pictures and knick knacks from a variety of decades.  Climbing up to the 2nd an 3rd floors there is room after room of interesting finds--both Moroccan and non-Moroccan pieces.

Boheme of Morocco

This is a tiny little shop in the medina with cute home items and accessories.  Calling itself a “berber concept store” I was able to pick up some green recycled glass tea cups and one of the brightly colored enamelware teapots you see in all of the cafes in Essouira.


We only had about 8 hours to spend in Tangier so I can't claim to have unlocked all it's charms. Still, we managed to happen upon some great places in our short time there.  



Located in the Petit Socco this shop is both an art gallery and a boutique.  The owner is an artist who sells his paintings alongside a selection of handmade clothing and boots for men and women. The focus is interesting textiles that he finds and turns into modern pieces and for the craftsmanship and quality that goes into these pieces the prices are reasonable.   He’s had his shop since 1972 so it’s something of an institution and a must see stop.

Las Chicas

Las Chicas Tangier

This a unique store outside the Kasbah selling upcycled vintage caftans as well as more modern pieces by Laure Welfling. This boutique also carries amazing pottery and art made by her husband.  

RIF Cinema

RIF Cinema Tangier

This 1940’s art house cinema has a cafe and a tiny boutique with cool t-shirts and bags with the Cinema RIF logo.  Definitely worth a stop.

Bazar Tindouf

Bazar Tindouf

This antique store is literally crammed floor to ceiling with treasures.  There was a really great selection of vintage kaftans and djellabas here in addition to pretty much anything you can imagine. 72 Rue de La Liberte, Tangier, Morocco

Maison Alli

This high-end clothing store for men is located down an alleyway in the medina.  Beautiful fabrics and modern interpretations of Tangier style. We found amazing hand-painted t-shirts by a Tangier artist.

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