Baba Yaga

1970's Embroidered Red Canvas Bikini Set


Hand embroidered, 1970s bright red canvas bikini top and shorts set. Inspired by WWII novelty lingerie, “sweet,” and “sour” sit across the top of the bikini top, accompanied by the words “don’t touch,” with vines along the border of each cup. Two inverted yellow and purple flowers sit at the hips, with the words “off,” and, “limits,” on each thigh. The shorts come with a zipper closure and metal belt clasp.

This set was upcycled in-house and by hand using 100% cotton embroidery floss. 

Note: The back of the bikini strap has a few flecks of black paint (pictured last). 

Material: Cotton Canvas 

Red Bikini top (Cole)

Red Bikini bottoms (Nice Kids)



20” strap length (each) 

Cup Size:  (7” width x 6” height)

Aprox. Cup Size B


8” rise 

31” waist (doubled, taught) 

39.5” hips (doubled, taught)




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