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1960's Senior Cord Sorority Skirt


Original, hand-painted and inked, circa 1960s senior cord skirt. My deep love and appreciation for senior cords makes me so happy to add this vintage one-of-a-kind to the shop! 

A little history: The term, “senior cords,” refers to the trend popularized by students in Indiana of customizing corduroy skirts and trousers with personalized artwork. Beginning with the Purdue senior class of 1904, the trend remained popular amongst students until eventually fizzling out in the early 70s. Senior cords are usually decorated with imagery relating to school, friends, activities, and other personal details - sometimes alongside cartoons and other pop culture references from the time they were made. Kind of like a wearable yearbook! 

Such is the case with this 1960s senior cord skirt, which has the names of the sorority, “Alpha Delta Pi,” and the fraternity, “TKE,” framing an illustrated lapel pin that connects both of their badges together with a chain. Above, sits a diamond ring, which is the official jewel of the sorority mentioned above and the symbol used to reference their values of strength and friendship. Below, sits an oak branch with two acorns and the term, “Oakie,” which is most likely a reference to the skirts original owner being from Oklahoma. At the back of the skirt is a large and colorful depiction of the US, with a heart placed over one of the states (most likely Indiana), accompanied by a swimmer surrounded by fish and what appears to be a magician or clown juggling the name, “George.” 

The skirt is gathered across the waistband and sits wide across the the hips, with button and snap closures and a hemline that falls below the knee. 



28.5” waistband (measurements doubled, taught)

70.5” hips (measurements doubled) 

30” length 

73” skirt sweep 

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