We purchase vintage pieces manufactured from the early 1900's through 1980's. We look for items that are unique, in good condition and (most importantly) are wearable with a modern aesthetic.  
What we are most interested in are:
  • Designer pieces
  • Statement pieces (offbeat, funky, items you won't find in every vintage store)
  • Natural fabrics (cotton, silk, wool, linen, leather)

If you are interested in selling your items, please email us at: info@babayagastore.com. In your email please provide:

  1.  A short description of the items (with year, any info from tag/label if available, general condition
  2. Photos of the pieces
  3. The price you'd like to receive for each piece or for the entire collection
If your items look like they would be a good fit for our store and customers, we can schedule a buying appointment.