Baba Yaga

1970's Red Canvas Bikini Set


Adorable, 1970s bright red canvas bikini top and shorts set. The bikini top comes with adjustable straps at the neck and bust and pairs with the micro mini bikini shorts that come with a zipper closure and metal belt clasp. The hem of the shorts curves up from the base of the zipper and sits high on the upper thighs. All in all a perfect set for all of your summer beach days and pool lounging! 

Note: The back of the bikini strap and the right cup have flecks of black paint (pictured last). 

Material: Cotton Canvas 

Red Bikini top (Cole)

Red Bikini bottoms (Nice Kids)



20” strap length (each) 

Cup Size:  (7” width x 6” height)

Aprox. Cup Size B


8” rise 

31” waist (doubled, taught) 

39.5” hips (doubled, taught)




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