Baba Yaga

1920s handmade Seed Sack Dress


Vintage depression era dress handmade from alfalfa bean sacks, which were commonly used as horse feed. I went down a rabbit hole researching this dress when we got it. I wanted to make sure I would be able to date it properly and learn a little more about the history. Potatoes, animal feed, and flour were packaged with cotton bags during the 20s-30s and many farm families, out of necessity, would reuse these materials for clothing and other household goods. By the mid-thirties many companies caught on to this and started manufacturing their cotton bags (specifically flour sacks) with colorful, attractive prints, which made them almost indistinguishable from store bought dresses. Some would even put instructions for how to cut and sew the bags in their packaging. When it comes to this dress, I was able to confirm the age as being late twenties to very early thirties. I went through and researched the seed companies whose bags were used to make the textile of this dress. After deep-diving through seed catalogue archives I found that these companies had been manufacturing in rural Nebraska and stopped production around 1931. Dating this dress at around the start of the Great Depression. Which made sense, seeing as how it had a 20s straight cut and still used feed bags with logos instead of the printed flour sacks that came out around 1933. Another little detail that I like about this dress is the shoe laces used on the shoulders to synch the fit. Can fit sizes S/M - M/L. Genderless.

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