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Sir Titus Salt’s Fur Jacket


This jacket is a special piece of history. Sir Titus Salt was a manufacturer and politician (1803-1876), who opened a textile mill in the town of Saltaire, England. The mill later came to be known as ‘Salt’s Mill’. He died in 1876 but his business continued on with his son, and was then taken over by the business's successor, Charles Stead. By 1890 the company opened a sister-mill in Bridgeport CT, and continued production through the 1920's. This piece was manufactured in the U.S mill during the edwardian era.

The jacket is fur, with plush buttons. The star buttons on the tops of the lapels are my favorite detail. There are 2 imperfections - one of the buttons lost its fur and there’s a stiff patch on the side of the collar. This is understandable wear due to this jacket being quite old. The puffed sleeves and fitted waist are incredible!

Fit: 28” waist/ 15” shoulders/ 28” length. Genderless.

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