Baba Yaga

1960s Animated Clown Duster


1960s duster, upcycled with an animated print of a clown jumping rope. For this special piece, I rotoscoped and then drew out the clown design on paper to create the animation. From there, I transferred the individual frames to the duster and inked each by hand. (Video of full animation posted last & viewable on our Instagram reels).

The base duster is vintage from the 1960s and sports bracelet sleeves, a Peter Pan collar, and three large beaded buttons at the chest. The body is long and A-line, with the closures ending just below the ribcage. 

This garment was upcycled slow, in-house, from original artwork and is one of one. 

Material: wool with a synthetic liner. 


16.5” shoulders 

20” sleeve length 

19.5” pit-to-pit

37” high waist (last button) 

54” length 

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