Here are answers to the the most common questions we get about the store.

What is vintage clothing?

Our definition of vintage is clothing that is at least 20+ years old--that means clothing that was made before 1998.  Most of the clothing we carry was made between 1960-1980.  However, we do have some select pieces from the 40's and 50's and some pieces from the 90's.  Occasionally we'll get a piece from the 20's.

What is the difference between vintage and thrift?

The main difference between vintage and thrift is that thrift stores sell clothing that is used, but not necessarily vintage.   Since the clothing at thrift stores is donated it could be whatever someone has in the back of their closet--usually items that are only 5-10 years old at most. Occasionally you can find vintage items in thrift stores--especially if you enjoy the hunt and pouring through every rack.  However, it takes work, patience, and persistence to find those hidden gems.

Where do you find the vintage items you sell?

This is the most common question we get in the store. Finding good sources for vintage is part of the challenge of this business and we travel far and wide to find things. We buy from a variety of different sources including antique fairs, wholesale vintage dealers, and flea markets. And we have pieces that we've found from as far away as Mexico City, Morocco, Vietnam, Japan, Bali and Spain.

Does vintage clothing need to be washed before I wear it?

We wash and repair every vintage item before it goes in the store so that it is ready for you to wear.  In some cases, holes, stains, wear and tear are part of the beauty of the item and we leave that intact, but in most cases the clothing has been fully restored before it goes in the store.

If you are buying vintage clothing from a flea market, thrift store or other source then we definitely recommend you wash it before wearing.

Do you take clothing on consignment?

No. We are not a consignment store. 

Can I sell you my vintage clothing?

We don't usually buy vintage pieces from individual sellers for a few reasons. The first reason is price. We can only offer wholesale prices for items we buy to resell.  Individuals often hope to receive the full retail value for their items.  

The second reason is curation.  Our inventory is fairly small and well-edited. So any items we buy need to fit with what we are carrying in store and current trends.

That said, we are open to evaluating items for sale from individuals--especially statement and designer pieces made before 1980 or large collections.   You can email photos and items descriptions to: If we're interested we'll contact you to setup an appointment. 

How do you know what a vintage item worth?

There are many factors that go into the pricing of vintage such as the age of the garment and the quality of the fabric or material.  

Older pieces are more rare and natural fibers such as cotton, wool and silk tend to fetch higher prices. Designer pieces are also generally worth more.  

However, one of the most important factors to consider is how wearable the piece is right now.  Fashion trends are constantly changing and what's valuable today might not be tomorrow.  So, the prices for certain vintage pieces can suddenly go way up when a particular style is in fashion and then drop again.