Baba Yaga

Painted Vintage Big Mac Overalls


Cream, upcycled Big Mac denim painters overalls. Comes with quilted panels at the knees and a snap-on painters pouch with lots of pockets!

On the right knee sits a large teddy bear with a bow-tie and a rainbow. The left knee features a crescent moon, planets and stars. Rainbow stripes line the opening of each side pocket. On the chest, I hand-embroidered scales with lavender thread and painted a rainbow coming out of both cups. I also embroidered the painters pouch to have a small scorpion with a crying eyeball and a bull with plants sprouting from his head. The back pockets feature two painted rainbow stars. 

**Hand-painted to match an adorable pair of kids vintage Liberty overalls I sourced last month. If you would like to purchase both together as a set please add both items to your cart and apply discount code "OVERALLS" at checkout! **


36” (full) waistband 
42” (full) hips 
30” inseam 
25” torso length 
Brand: Big Mac

Note: denim is stiff and has no additional stretch but may relax as it gets washed and worn. Straps are adjustable.  

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