Baba Yaga

1980's Rocky and Bullwinkle Cordoroy Riding Pants


Upcycled, Rocky & Bullwinkle, corduroy Armani riding pants. Features hand-doodled designs of Rocky and Bullwinkle down the front pant legs, interspersed with a falling teacup, chain, strawberries, and “cheer up buttercup,” at the right hip. An apple with a dagger sits at the center of the bum with “see you later alligator,” at the hip, a pocket watch, blueberries, Kewpie, and match on the left leg and rollerskates, a broken heart, pencil and tunnel design on the right. The pants sport a high waist with wide hips, tapered legs, belt loops and side zips at the ankles. 

Upcycled slow, in-house and by hand. 

Brand: Armani Jeans 

Material: Corduroy 


Tag Size: 6

27.5” waist (measurements doubled)

11.5” rise

40” hips (measurements doubled)

29” inseam

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